Examination & Refraction

Crystal Vision Optical instruments for precise generation of eye profiles and optimal spectacle lens determination.

The correct lenses can only be prescribed when you have enough information about your patient‘s eyes. Let i.Profiler provide you with a detailed visual profile so you can have more answers and fewer questions for your patient.

Optimum visual performance derives from the best cylinder/axis/sphere combinations, which can be determined through both subjective and objective refraction. Enhance your refraction process with the brand-new subjective refraction unit by Crystal Vision Optical for modern vision testing.

With numerous advances throughout the years, we use latest technology in refractive testing.

Crystal Vision Optical instruments are designed to thoroughly examine your patient while providing them with a comfortable and technology-driven experience. The collected data will support you in providing your patient with a prescription that is as individual as their eyes, and different in terms of visual performance.

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